Gabriella Nicole

After quite a few too many years I finally created a logo for Gabbriella- the little one.  The pinkie princess.

Living a Colorado life!

This is something I did for a client for a Colorado foodie blog- sadly it didn’t make it to the blog, but I think he’s hilarious.

Thanks for looking!

Colorado Proud Foodie!


We love love love girl scouting

I have for some time now wanted to make things my kids can wear. (yes, like I said earlier the blog part of this site will contain all my ridiculous designing things that I do for me, for fun, for my kids, etc. Okay, mostly for my kids because at the end of the day that seems to be the only thing I want to design and not make money at it.) I’ve wanted to make a T-shirt for girl scouts- they’re celebrating their 100th anniversary this year- the year of the girl. Once upon a time when I was a girl scout I would doodle all over the logo- making the three girls however I wanted them to look. (Oh wait, you mean I was supposed to learn something? Well, I guess I won’t be Hillary Clinton) Anyways, this is my updated “lookie-lookie I went to art school” doodle… I have bigger plans for it but have yet to have time to finish it… I need a good rainy weekend or to get the plague so that I can get a square shot at finishing it up. haha.

I'm not in love with goldilocks either... just don't show the girls yet.

Sally Mann-like

Over the weekend my sister and I were looking through some of my favorite photographs. Not the kind that most people like- they’re ‘different’- not smiley or ‘beautiful’. As I started showing her these photos she started drawing connections to Sally Mann. I’d never seen her work, but IMMEDIATELY fell in love. You’ll see why if you look at her work here.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. And of course it made me even more excited about my trifle photos so I wanted to show them off. So here you go.

Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!

This is the beautiful Gabriella.

Here is a blog post I am making.  I hope that it will fill your heart with happiness and sunshine.  My plan as of yet it so show you all of the lovely things that I like, make and find.  For starters I will show you my lovely and moody little person.

So, as you can see, we like to be in out-of-doors and we like a little sass in our sassafrass.  On occasion I also design silly laborious things intended for my children that only they and their friends will ever see.  I assume somewhere there is a mother that bakes exquisite gourmet meals and only shares them with her immediate family… that’s me but in designerly form.

For now, you’re welcome and good luck with your quest for awesomeness.

Hello world!

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